Product Features

Greenest Ramps in the Industry

TrueRide Classic features side panels and support posts made from post-industrial and post-consumer recycled plastic.  TrueRide lumber is treated with Alkaline Copper Quaternary Ammonium (ACQA), a non-hazardous preservative which greatly extends the lumber’s useful life without harmful chemicals. The black HDPE used on all exposed ramp panels is 100% post industrial recycled material. A percentage of the HDPE waste derived from producing skateparks also goes into making outdoor furniture components before it has a chance of becoming unusable waste.  All 4 x 4 posts are reinforced plastic lumber made of recycled high density polyethylene plastic combined with fiberglass for increased stiffness, strength, and structural ability.

Hardware & Fasteners

We use heavy-duty galvanized hardware and stainless steel fasteners in all of our parks.  This hardware is guaranteed to last the life of our product and will not stain the ramp sides or skating surface over time.

Large Decks

TrueRide consistently provides the largest deck area in the industry, giving riders a place to rest and reducing the risk of collisions.  Unfortunately many ramp manufacturers do not place as large of an emphasis on the size of their decks – leaving skaters with insufficient room to approach obstacles and land their tricks.  Since ramps have different depths, we add deck depth instead of simply setting the ramps back. This takes more effort and careful design, but it makes for a much better skate park. Because our decks are big, a TrueRide skate park can accommodate many skaters at once. With our custom layouts, we often create decks up to 24-feet deep.

Skatelite Pro High-Performance Surface

Fast and strong, Skatelite Pro is the supreme riding surface for indoor and outdoor skateparks. The solid material is weatherproof and can withstand the punishment inflicted by determined riders.  We use custom lengths of Skatelite Pro to reduce horizontal seams for an incredibly smooth ride. Skatelite Pro is also pre-drilled and countersunk with a precise CNC router.

Less Friction – Skatelite is the smoothest riding surface. Reduced friction results in fewer skin abrasions (or ramp rash) common with other surfaces.

Fire Resistant – Skatelite is fire resistant and self extinguishes even under intense flames.

Maintenance Free – Skatelite is long lasting despite excessive use and punishing weather conditions. If damage is done, the material can be easily replaced.

Steel Edge Protection

1/4-inch-thick galvanized steel edging is fastened to all edges of ramps and transitional areas where Skatelite Pro panels meet at different planes. This increases the lifetime of the Skatelite Pro and will reduce wear and maintenance.

Vertical Baluster Guardrails

All backs and sides of resting decks are enclosed with our heavy-duty galvanized steel safety railing system. All safety railings are 42 inches tall and increase visibility, allows for maximum airflow and discourages climbing. TrueRide railing systems also meet ASTM, OSHA and IBC 2000 regulations.

Steel Coping

Coping is heavy-gauge schedule 40 pipe with a 6-inch-wide, 1/4-inch thick “Grind Plate” welded to the coping to protect the Skatelite Pro skating surface on the deck. All coping, angle iron, and grind rails will be hot dipped galvanized after manufacture to ensure thorough corrosion resistance.

Polyethylene Ramp Panels

All exposed sides of TrueRide ramps are built with Polyethylene Ramp Panels. P.R.P. components are UV protected, waterproof, durable, and will need no maintenance or paint. TrueRide Classic ramps have no exposed wood surfaces. We enclose beneath the decks where unsafe space could cause entrapment and all areas where access is not desired. This also makes for a better-looking skate park and helps keep trash from building up beneath the ramps.

Sound-Dampening Substrate

All sections are sheathed with a weather resistant and sound dampening substrate. TrueRide Classic utilizes one layer of 3/4” (flat sections) or two layers of 3/8” (radiused sections) BC grade Marine Tech ACQ treated plywood substrate to increase the impact strength of the ramps and give skaters the solid feeling of thick lumber construction.

10-year limited warranty

TrueRide Classic is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.