TrueRide Classic

Thick lumber construction and artisan fabrication for truly unique parks

The quality and innovation that built the X-Games competition courses evolved into what is now the original above-ground ramp line from the TrueRide family.  Built with a heavy duty lumber framework and surfaced with Skatelite Pro, our TrueRide Classic line continues to lead the industry in longevity, limitless design, and focus on budget.  Through our tireless re-engineering efforts, we’ve developed TrueRide Classic into the industry’s superior product for indoor skateparks and outdoor facilities with a need for reconfiguration.

Since 1992, we have worked side-by-side with engineers, including the University of Minnesota’s Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI), to conduct in-depth testing of the materials used to construct the TrueRide Classic line.  This testing includes numerous design and strength tests to ensure our ramps exceed safety expectations, provide sound structural integrity and can withstand the elements.  In conjunction with re-engineering our ramps for maximum strength and safety, we’ve also maintained a strong focus on giving TrueRide Classic the feeling of the perfect ride.  The largest decks in the industry, optimal surfacing, and the solid feeling of thick lumber construction have consistently preserved the original TrueRide line as a top choice among skaters and owners of indoor skateparks.  For further information on TrueRide Classic’s product features, including what makes our ramps the greenest in the industry, please click here.